Carolina CrossFit is a strength and conditioning facility in Columbia, SC

We know how to make you stronger, faster, and healthier. Our members never have to wonder what their workouts should be; we provide the program and lead you in our coached classes every time you come in.

Carolina CrossFit workouts combine weightlifting (slow/power lifts and explosive/Olympic lifts), plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, kettlebell training, speed work, gymnastics, and endurance conditioning in countless variations. Routine is the enemy to exceptional fitness.

We perform total body, functional movements at high intensities using equipment including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, pull up bars, rings, jump ropes, plyo boxes, rowers, and airdyne bikes. These movements make fitness well-rounded and translate to everyday life for all types: high level athletes, weekend warriors, moms/dads who just want to keep up with the kids, and everything in between.

We also offer nutrition coaching to attack all fitness, body composition, and health goals.

Learn more about Getting Started, and come in and see how we do things differently so that “Fit Happens” here.


Who’s it for?

Anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and health. After you have completed an introductory session, your first class as a member will be the New Member On-ramp program. This is a one time class to familiarize you with what we do, many of the movements to expect, the terminology we use, and safety information. From there you’ll choose our Group Classes or if you have special needs (injuries and the like) you may wish to go the route of our Exclusive Coaching program.


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