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Perhaps the hardest thing for most clients to understand is how simple exercise really is. Conflicting information, both commercial and personal, leave the clients confused. The fact is results can come from any type of progressive exercise, which is good because it allows for difference in us, “the Coaches',” abilities and situations to produce at...
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Simple Pre-Hab Exercises to Strengthen Ankles in CrossFit Training

Our ankles take a beating every day and are often overlooked until one gets twisted or strained. Fortunately, there are some basic exercises that can be worked into daily routines and warm-ups that strengthen them. Try these tips to improve your ankle strength. Jump! Did you know that jumping rope builds up the muscles and ligaments supporting...
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Conquering the Overhead Squat

The overhead squat, or OH squat in brief, is probably one of the most challenging movements in crossfit. Learning how to successfully perform this exercise will certainly expose an individual's critical weaknesses - whether in balance, strength, flexibility, or even coordination. If you're feeling a bit frustrated with how your OH squat is doing, here...
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