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Member Appreciation Julia Dirks


  Give us a little background about yourself.  My parents were missionaries, so I grew up overseas (West Africa and Russia). My family and I moved to South Carolina the summer before I started high school. That was a very difficult transition and time for me,... Read more

Bethel Hand berry Father & Son Night

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” ~ Anthony Robbins We were excited to be given the opportunity to give back to our community through participating in the Father-Son Night at Bethel Handberry in Blythewood on Friday night. Coach Paul and Coach Andy were...
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Simple Pre-Hab Exercises to Strengthen Ankles in CrossFit Training

Our ankles take a beating every day and are often overlooked until one gets twisted or strained. Fortunately, there are some basic exercises that can be worked into daily routines and warm-ups that strengthen them. Try these tips to improve your ankle strength. Jump! Did you know that jumping rope builds up the muscles and ligaments supporting...
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What’s Your Favorite “Mo” This “Movember” at Carolina CrossFit?

In honor of Movember- We want our gentlemen to be informed on things that can impact their health. The Silent Health Threat for Men--Diabetes? Diabetes is silent because it usually starts without symptoms. The blood sugar levels start to creep up and then the next thing men start to notice they are having to urinate frequently and...
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