2018 Spring Games WODS

Famously Hot Showdown: Spring Games 2018 WOD’s

Join us for the first ever Famously Hot Showdown: Spring Games. Are you the fittest in The Midlands? There is only one way to find out. REGISTER NOW.


WOD 1 “Bacon Bits”

Teams will have 6 minutes to establish a max in the complex of snatch + hang snatch, without dropping the bar between reps.

The score will be the totals of each team members max lift. You may add or remove weight as needed and make as many attempts as you would like within the 6 minute window. Teams will share one bar. Clips must be put on the bar.

WOD 2 and 3 “Chain Reaction”

Scored Separately

– RX weights are 135/95, scaled weights are 115/65
– Athletes must switch partners between completed rounds
– Teams will share one bar
– Teams must put bar on ground between completed rounds
– Score is total reps completed

– Workout begins 1 minute after WOD 2 concludes
– RX weights are 20/14 to 10/9 ft targets, scaled is the same
– Athletes can split work up however they would like
– 10 burpee penalty for BOTH athletes if wall ball touches the ground
– Scaled will do 200 singles or 100 du, 150 wall balls, and pull ups in remaining time



WOD 4 “Spring Fever”

– Athletes may split up work however they choose
– RX weights #50/#30; Scaled #40/#20
– Box heights are the same for RX and Scaled (24/20)
– RX BBJO are NEW open standard (no stepping into burpee, out of burpee, onto box, or off of box)
– Scaled athletes may step up for burpees and box jumps
– Scaled will do DB push press (#50/#30) instead of HSPU


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