CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

Local Competitions

Years of Experience as a coach: 

February 2017-Present

“Aubree Taylor. No sports in high school (shocker I know 😳) I decided to take charge of my fitness journey when I became a cop over 9 years ago. I fell in love with Crossfit and have been doing it for about 6 years now.

My favorite things about CCF is that this gym is like no others around. I belonged to a gym prior to CCF and when that gym shut down, hands down i knew I wanted to be a CCF athlete even though others were closer to my home. CCF has a respectable reputation and I saw what kind of athletes came from this gym. Once I arrived, I knew I made the right choice. This gym offers every athlete so much to make their overall health, wellness and life better. From the awesome people, to the community involvement , to the constant desire by everyone to make each other better with great programming and nutritional help, CCF is by far THE best gym around!

2 things I love about coaching: seeing the progress an athlete makes at any given movement or lift….When something clicks for them and then we celebrate together… the feeling is priceless. And getting to know so many awesome people on a personal level and knowing you have a positive affect on their health and wellness that will last a lifetime is something I will always find gratitude in.”