Age: 24
Degree’s earned:

      • University of South Carolina Public Health

Accolades earned:

      • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
      • CrossFit Level 2
      • Completion of the Carolina CrossFit Intern Program
      • USAW Sports Performance L1


      • Competed in several CrossFit Competitions

Years of experience as a coach: 3

I believe that every morning I wake up is a blessing. Saying that, I try to bring that attitude into the gym and express it through my coaching. As the youngest coach on staff, I feel like the environment we have created through our facility, coaches, and programming is allowing me to grow as a coach and also grow as a person. Every day I walk into the door at Carolina CrossFit I am doing what I love to do. Instilling confidence and self-worth in people is something that I am passionate about. Coaching someone to a new movement or a PR is almost a better feeling than being successful in my own training. I haven’t worked a day at Carolina CrossFit because it’s not work it’s fun.