Barbells For Boobs and the Petit Family’s Journey




Once again, I find myself thanking my “Carolina Crossfit” family for their support. This Saturday they are holding a Barbell for Boobs event to bring awareness to breast cancer and the issues facing the families that experience this disease. This is not their first time helping families facing this issue. I was diagnosed almost a year ago with breast cancer and received the news on the same day that the guys from the gym were having dinner at our house. Our intent was to not say anything, but the entire group quickly knew something was off and we ended up explaining. And I am so glad we let them in on our situation. Everyone that night was empathetic and supportive. Like most people when they heard, they offered to bring meals and help with transportation and what ever we might need. They were very kind.


But then Carolina Crossfit stepped up to the plate in a way that only a family can do. When they brought dinner, they stayed and made it an event. When we said we enjoyed a meal, it showed up again. My husband, who is a doctor, spends most of his day with other doctors and when doctors “check in” they have a way of making everything clinical. But that is not what the guys at the gym did, they made sure there was laughter, fun and competition to keep everything normal. If he needed to talk, no one was ever rushing to work after the 5 am class. I have four teenagers who also do Crossfit, and they were watched and raised by a lot of people while I was going through my treatments. Carolina Crossfit helped my children get through this process and end up stronger, mentally and physically. That is no small feat. When we moved here, we left both our families in other states, but Carolina Crossfit has filled in and become true family. They should be proud that they really provided the support we needed when we faced breast cancer.


Thank you from all of us.


Scott, Barbara, Stan, Maggie, Robert and Alyce Petit

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