Beginning A CrossFit Fitness Program

I have had a lot people ask me about starting a crossfit fitness program and the number one statement they all share is, “ I don’t know what to do.”  To get the process moving forward, I proceed to ask them simple questions like:

What is your main purpose for starting a program?

What are your goals?

How important is this for you?

Do your goals and time commitment align for you to have success in a crossfit fitness program?

Starting out, these are easily the top questions asked. Anything else is going to become a process of elimination or what I like to refer to as part of the Life Coaching process. I call it a life coaching process because it’s exactly what it is. Many people want things this day and age to be easy and in a pill form. Well I’m here to tell you that there is no easy fix!  Training is a process, nutrition is a process, and finding balance is a work of art. In order to have these things you have to have a select team to support you, educate you, hold you accountable, and encourage you to stay focused.

Photo shows kettlebells and weights

Choosing your fitness program

What are you looking to do –  stay fit, become better at a certain area of fitness, or just look better naked? Well, what if you could do all of these things at the same time with a coach and a team to guide you. Would that be something you’re interested in? If so, our staff at Carolina CrossFit has a proven track record with over 20+ years in helping individuals accomplish, just that. Our crossfit fitness program is designed based on the results from our quarterly testing.  Emphasis for our workouts is focused on building lean body mass. We also focus on increasing your body’s aerobic capabilities to ease success if you’re asked to run a 5k by a friend. We don’t want you to embarrass yourself because you haven’t been training specifically for this type of program.  Is this program for anyone? Absolutely! We have had folks that have had training before and resume back to their peak performance. We’ve also worked with folks that have had NO experience in a gym, let alone a training program, come in and do some amazing things.

So, my question to you is, what are your ideas for picking a fitness program?

Find something that will challenge you, but also provide a support staff that can and will hold you accountable. Tell your team specifically what your goals are because people can’t read your mind.

Stay the course, don’t pick and choose the things you “think” are best for you. Consistency before intensity is the key – especially when it comes to crossfit for beginners.

Communication is the most important thing when it comes to our fitness. If you are not getting the results you want or feel you are not getting what you need then let your team know. It is their job to help, educate, and encourage you.

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