Do You Give Much Thought To Active Recovery?

You should, let’s start the new year off right by being more mindful of active recovery on our off days. Here are 3 exercises to get you started right away!

SMR: Self-Myofascial Release
Try foam rolling as an effective means of massaging your muscles. This practice has been proven to improve your range of motion and help to decrease areas of overactive muscle tone. In fact, foam rolling has enabled thousands to train at high-performance levels while also avoiding stiffness and pain associated with such heavy training. Try rolling over all your major muscle groups on your next off day. Spend extra time on problem areas and monitor your pressure carefully. The ultimate goal is for you to feel better after SMR.

Walk It Off
Walking is the perfect exercise during active recovery. It’s uplifting and burns calories without being too hard on your body.

Try Yoga
Improve your mobility by beginning yoga and experience the benefits of stretching and toning critical joints and muscles on off-days and even every day, if you desire. Yoga can be very beneficial for the body, spirit, and mind – especially if you appreciate your current fitness level and don’t overdo it during active recovery.


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