Member Appreciation: “The” Ben Walker




Name: Ben Walker
Age: 33
Occupation: Screen printing manager
Length you’ve been with us: 6 months

1) What has been the highlight of you becoming a member at CCF? Is it a movement,
something you have accomplished through the programming, or challenged yourself by doing?

The highlight for me is completing a workout. I was so out of shape when I started. It was a struggle just to finish a workout. I haven’t been even remotely athletic for over 7 years and within 2 months am able to finish the workouts with the prescribed weights. The coaches have been great. They constantly challenge me to do the best I can. They’ve taken time to speak with me 1 on 1 about things I can do to improve. Their concern for my well-being is extremely apparent. The coaches are great at explaining the appropriate motions and taking the time to make sure that I’m not doing something to hurt myself. The CrossFit environment is really encouraging. It doesn’t take long to make friends. We work hard, but we laugh and have a good time. This is a much better gym experience for me.

2) What was your biggest fear about staring CCF?
I was scared that I couldn’t do it. The gym for me has always been something that other people did. Working out can be scary. The equipment is foreign, the workouts are intimidating, and I don’t know where to begin.

3) How has becoming a member at CCF impacted your life?
I joined CCF in the midst of several significant life changes. The gym has definitely added stability and structure to my schedule. I have something to look forward to. I feel better throughout the day. My wife notices a difference. My clothes fit better. My kids are excited that I can play with them longer. I’m amazed at what this has done for my confidence as well. I perform better at work. I’m less irritable.

4) List one goal or way you hope to challenge yourself in the future or working towards at the moment?
I’ve struggled for the last several years with lower back pain and shoulder pain. My goal is to continue developing the muscles I need to support myself. I’ve already started noticing the difference.

5) Something you love to do or people you love to brag about–
I love challenging the other members to beat themselves. I have to brag on the 7 AM and Noon fitness classes. That crew knows how to have fun and I’ve watched everyone grow over the last few months. Kunze, Luke, and Andy have been great coaches.