Hey, I Want a 6 Pack? How Do I Get Better Abs?

Everyone wants to know how they can get abs! Strong, well-defined abs are one of the most desired features so many of us wish to have. Why don’t we have them? Let’s be honest, some people are blessed with good genetics and should count themselves lucky. However, there are many, who must work through proper nutrition and exercise to reveal their full 6 pack potential.

Abs are made in the kitchen! It’s true. It’s all about your nutrition! The biggest impact on what you desire is what you eat. To see your abdominal muscles you must first shed body fat to reveal your muscles. Exercise itself strengthens and helps define the muscles you’re looking for, but nutrition is the main ingredient. Your body fat percentage is another key to your success and you should track it. We know that the numbers can vary with both sexes and where your body stores fat, but typically for men it’s around 10% and for women 15%.



So, what does proper nutrition look like for abs? A good diet would be a balanced diet that includes whole (no processed foods); including quality proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates. You will also want to make sure you stay well-hydrated by drinking water throughout your day. Make sure you don’t cut calories too much or you could inadvertently lower your metabolism.

The American College of Sports Medicine also discovered you could burn more calories in less time with short, high intensity exercise which helps you on your journey to abs. You can not only boost your overall cardiovascular system, but find your abs too!

Another great way is through strength training. Strength training is essential because you don’t only build muscle, you also boost your metabolism and increase muscle definition. Another fun way to help achieve abs is to play sports that encourage fat burning and engage the core naturally. Athletes who play sports they love usually have powerful upper and lower bodies due to the repetitive movements.

The last item on your list should be doing core exercises. Doing core-specific movements can help you along this journey. Keep in mind that there are several movements that use the hip flexors more than the abs you want to see. Core exercises do help improve your balance, stability, and torso strength considering your core is made up of the abdominal, lower back, and hip muscles to create a foundation for all other movements. These muscles help stabilize the spine and create a strong center for your extremities.

How can I test my core?

A great way to test your core stability and strength is by doing planks. Once you learn how to do them properly and can maintain a straight line starting with your ears to your toes, then start using them. Start out by holding for 10 seconds and then build up to 60 seconds and so on.

We hit on all these tips through our programming at Carolina CrossFit. The only thing we can’t control is what you put in your mouth. Remember, Abs are made in the kitchen and that, with consistency in your training plan, you will see the abs you desire.

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