Double Unders Make You Want to Jump, Jump!

The Double Under is used for skill adaptation, pacing for advanced crossfitters, and as an aerobic conditioning method in training. The Double Under as a skill helps with coordination, agility, foot speed and endurance. Efficiency is the key to this mastering this movement!

Here are a few pointers to help get you started on your journey of mastering the Double Under:

I. Choose your rope. You must first choose a rope that works for you and is appropriate length wise. Since crossfit is becoming more popular you now have a choice of ropes when it comes to weight, material, thickness and colors.

What should the ideal length be?

Stand on the rope with both feet shoulder width apart. The handles should come up to your armpits. Make sure you are holding your hand close-in, tight, and in front of you.

II. To start learning to do double-under, take a few single jumps first and then using your wrist, speed the rope up and jump about two to three inches high to allow the rope to go under your feet twice. When doing this, if you find that you are using a great amount of energy to achieve your goal, then you need to revisit the control you have on your single jumps. You want to be as efficient as possible in this movement.


Your body should be in the neutral hollow body

Rotate the rope from the wrist and not the shoulders/arms

Find a focal point to focus on as you perform the jump

Hands in front of torso and use more wrist than arms (extend your arms further from your body)

**If you’re not jumping in-time, practice the bounce to help in learning the jumping technique.

III. To get better at the double under, I encourage people to start by using three single jumps to every double under. By practicing this technique it will allow you to prepare mentally as you learn to string more together. The rational is that if you can control the rope, the easier it is to jump and keep practicing.

Why should you invest in your own jump rope?

It’s your own and you can take it with you anywhere you travel because you know it’s the best choice for you when you perform the exercise. Not to mention it comes in real handy when you need to do a travel WOD.

Where can I purchase a Jump Rope?

RX Jump Ropes (online)
PR Jump Ropes (online)
Again Faster Jump Ropes (online–listed by speed)
Velocity Distant Project Store (Here at CCF)

As you master the double under, experiment with different thicknesses and weights (for speed) of ropes to help you get better at them. This transforms your jump rope into a tool for mastery. Just like a barbell weight becomes bigger as you get stronger, your rope will become thinner as you get more efficient.


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