Mustard seeds and the Open?

You may ask yourself what does mustard seeds have to do with the Open?  Have you seen a mustard seed?  Probably not, but it is a very small seed.  Yet over time this tiny seed grows into a plant that produces flavoring that we enjoy.


Right about now you are thinking okay and this has what to do with the Open?  Well, as you challenge yourself to do the Open your faith in your self-confidence and if you can complete the requirements seem small.  Everyone has these thoughts, even the big time athletes who have done this several times.  Your faith is small because you have no idea what they will come up with or require you to do.   Everyone wonders if they can do the movements, if they can do them efficiently, will they be fast enough, how far will you go, and some are worried about where they will rank against everyone else.  Yet week after week, you will gain confidence and start to trust your abilities a little more each week as you set goals for yourself and strive for them each week.


By the end of the Open your confidence will have grown through the experience and you will discover in fact you could and did do it!  By the end, you will have grown through the process.


What took a small amount of faith to step-up to the challenge, you will have grown through the experience of being a better you and learning what you’re capable of mentally and physically.  Isn’t that what the Open is all about?  Growing and having some faith in yourself!


This week officially kicks off the 2015 CrossFit Open and I want to encourage you to get signed-up no matter where you are in your journey at Carolina CrossFit.  I am asking you to have faith as small as a mustard seed and allow yourself to move mountains each week as you conquer the obstacles you think are standing in your way of putting yourself out there.

Sign-up and have faith!

Coach Paul

Matthew 17:20

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