Refueling Your Recovery Nutrition in Crossfit Training

Recovery is a given part of crossfit training. In fact, there are many functions in the recovery phase of fitness that are necessary for continuous strength building and endurance. When you are in recovery, you are essentially not working out. However, to make your efforts more active in making the most of every recovery period, it may be helpful to understand exactly what the body is accomplishing during this perceived down time:

• Body produces new muscle protein and cellular components for adaptation and repair processes
• Refuels muscle & liver carbohydrate (glycogen) caches
• Replaces the electrolytes and fluids that are lost in sweat
• Facilitates the immune systems processing & handling any damages created by training

Being more proactive about recovery, means you give your body everything it needs to optimize these internal processes. Protein is an essential requirement for proper muscle building and repair. Did you know that during recovery, there is a catabolic breakdown, or reduction, with a gradual increase in building? This process continues a minimum of 24 hours after working out. Research has shown that increasing the consumption of amino acids and high quality proteins may help to generate a subsequent increase in rebuilding. The best timing for this nutrition is very early after working out – within the first hour, if possible. Liquid protein supplements are often recommended for this application, primarily because of the ease of digestibility. If you want to be even more proactive, you may choose to add quality carbohydrates to a post-workout snack to also reduce the degree of breakdown in muscle proteins.


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