Member Appreciation Matt Swartz




Give us a little background about yourself. 

I grew up in Virginia and wrestled in high school. Graduated Oklahoma State in 2012 and started crossfit in 2009ish, but mostly did crossfit football. I worked in Tennessee for a year before I came to grad school here at USC and placed 5th at the 2013 central east regionals on the team Jacked and Tan. I’m about to graduate in May with a masters in applied math.

How did you hear about CCF?  

A friend of mine, Adam Shipley, referred me to CCF. (Old friend of Paul’s)

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?  

Probably that I’m getting a second degree in math, or that I can speak German.

What music can we find currently playing in your car?

Usually whatever is on the radio.

What current things are you working toward when it comes to your health, training, career or personal life? 

I’m working towards starting a career in applied math. In terms of health and fitness, crossfit is really just a hobby so I just try to keep it fun.

Tell us about your most memorable workout from CCF

Not so much a workout from CCF, but being able to compete on the team at regionals last year was a lot of fun.

Greatest accomplishment 

I have never been beat at a margarita chugging contest through a straw. Also, I helped develop computer code that will go on a NASA satellite in 2020 and have multiple codes used by the military and US government. But the margarita thing comes first. UNDEFEATED!

What would you tell someone who is interested in Training with CCF? 

 It has great staff and probably the best facility I’ve ever trained at.