Member Appreciation “Uncle” Dan Cobb

We decided to highlight a LONG time member this week!  He is a loyal member who often gives us wise advice and we are grateful to have him here at CCF!
CCF Athlete:  Dan Cobb  aka Uncle Dan
Age: 65 (time flies!)
Occupation:  Human Resources (retired)
Length you’ve been with us:  7.5 years-practically since you opened
Why have you stayed with CCF as long as you have?
 Paul, Dorothy, J.R. and the coaches have created a culture of excellence and of really caring about the members’ results. It is like being a member of a close knit team or family. The facility, equipment and coaching are all first rate. The members are awesome and inspire me. I feel welcome and challenged and I get results.
What has been the highlight of you becoming a member at CCF?
I got the level 1 and gymnastics certifications. I always try to work toward goals. Some I have achieved and some I have not. I finally achieved 4 priority goals that took a lot of time and constant work-these were muscle ups, 30 consecutive strict pull ups, 21 rounds of Cindy and a 125 LB weighted pull-up. I can’t quite do these now because of the shoulder surgery and getting older.
What was your biggest fear about staring CCF?
 I walked into the original gym in the basement of J.R.’s building and saw two hairy giants (Paul and Stephen) throwing around incredible weights. They looked like they could crush me with one hand, so I turned around and ran. Just kidding- they were very welcoming and I joined right away.
I think CrossFit is intimidating to anyone, even great athletes, because some of the WOD’s and movements look impossible, especially for older folks. I had been doing CrossFit for a year on my own by following the main site WOD’s before there were any CrossFit gyms in SC. Although I made a lot of progress, I was having trouble with a lot of the more complex movements because I had no coaching. I was afraid I couldn’t keep up with a class of young folks led by a real coach. That did not turn out to be a problem because CrossFit is infinitely scalable for all ability levels.
How has becoming a member at CCF impacted your life?
 In so many positive ways. It has sort of become my second home and family. I became aware of the importance of exercise and fitness because of my experiences in high school sports and in the Marines. As a result I have I have tried to stay fit all of my life. CrossFit works better than anything else that I have found.  Being fit helps in every aspect of life. CrossFit keeps you motivated and takes the guess work out of planning an effective program. Just show up and try to do what the coach says and you will get results.
Probably the biggest benefit for me relates to the aging process. There are many good things about getting older. One of the bad things is that you gradually lose the ability to do the physical things you enjoy and you lose your independence. CrossFit helps you delay this as long as possible.
The other members have really been an inspiration to me to keep working. I am in awe of what people have achieved. I have seen good athletes develop into great athletes who can do seemingly impossible things. Just as impressive are the people I have seen transform themselves from couch potatoes to athletes. I have seen many who have lost amazing amounts of weight and gone from not being able to run 400 meters to running 5k’s, half marathons and even marathons.
List one goal or way you hope to challenge yourself in the future or working towards at the moment?
I have 2 right now. I would like to get stronger in weight lifting. I have not been able to lift heavy for a long time because of shoulder rehab. Also, I have neglected weight training somewhat because I enjoy gymnastics and conditioning more.
I would like to be able to do strict muscle-ups. I think kipping is bad for old, injured shoulders.
Do you have a story to share of how you’ve overcome anything physically or mentally?
Everyone has mental and physical challenges at some point in life. I have had my share of both but I feel really blessed when I see what others have dealt with and overcome. I am inspired and humbled when I see how some people have dealt with severe problems. When you have a severe injury you really understand what a blessing movement is. Fitness helps you deal with all types of life challenges.  As Coach Mark Rippetoe said, “Strong people are harder to kill and more useful generally”
CCF has had a big positive impact on my life in many ways. I am so grateful for the support and inspiration of the owners, coaches and members. I hope to continue as a member as long as I am able.
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