Tuesday Nov 5, 2019


Power Clean (20 Minutes)


*All TOUCH AND GO reps here.  This shouldn’t be maximal, just something heavy for the day for 5 touch and go sets of 5.  You may do all 5 sets at the same weight, but if you can increase the weight without missing please do so.  Rest about a minute after each set.



20 Minute AMRAP:

500m Bike Erg

2 Bar MUs

4 CTB Pull Ups

6 Pull Ups

Rest 1 Minute

*Scale this to 12 pull ups of varying intensity going to harder to easier.  First 2 should be tough pulls, the next 4 should be easier, and the last 6 should be the easiest.  Another example would be 3 Strict Pull Ups, 5 Kipping Pull Ups, 7 Inverted Rows. Expect to get 6-7 rounds in.