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How Can CrossFit Training Help With Stress?

Stress is measured through hormones and produced by the adrenal glands.  With today’s worries and our clients working long hours, it's a certainty that many individuals cope with more and more stress every day. In this post, we wanted to let you know how to recognize stress and provide you with a few ways to…
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Understanding Recovery and Mobility after CrossFit Training

Ok, so your crossfit training is going well and you're on the verge of hitting some big PR’s and all of a sudden your training takes a turn for the worse!!! You begin to find these little tweaks and areas that are keeping you from mentally digging in and going hard. Why? Quite often it's…
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Beginning A CrossFit Fitness Program

I have had a lot people ask me about starting a crossfit fitness program and the number one statement they all share is, “ I don’t know what to do.”  To get the process moving forward, I proceed to ask them simple questions like: What is your main purpose for starting a program? What are…
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