Famously Hot Showdown

Join us for the Annual Famously Hot Showdown. Are you the fittest in The Midlands? There is only one way to find out. REGISTER NOW.

WOD 1 "Oh My Quad"

Teams will have 8 minutes to establish a max in the Front Squat from a squat rack

The score will be the totals of each team members max lift. You may add or remove weight as needed and make as many attempts as you would like within the 8 minute window. Teams will share one bar. Clips must be put on the bar.

WOD 2 "The Honeymoon"

The HoneymoonTeams will have one barbell loaded to 115# to accumulate as many reps of ground to overhead alternating as desired. Every minute on the minute, both athletes will have to perform 6 synchronized burpees over the bar.

  • Score is total reps of Ground to Overhead






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