Thursday Active Recovery Day 12.18.2014

Warm Up is A
A1. 3 Skin the Cats tucked
A2. 5 Jackknives from Knees
A3. 20 second L-Sit with knees bent
A4. 5 Muscle-Ups ** Work Transitions**
rest 3 min; 3 sets

B1.12 RIng Dips
B2.12 Ring Pullups
B3.12 Ring Pushups
B4.12 Toes Through Rings
Rest 2 min; 2 sets

C. L-Sit AMSAP Floor x 4
(Mods Tuck,single leg tuck) Feet off the FLOOR!!

Saturday 12.13.2014 “Wod For Rods”

For Time:
800m Run
50 DB Thrusters 30/20lb
50 Burpees
5 Seated Rope Walks
500m Row
50 DB Push-Press 30/20lb
30 Burpee Box Step-Ups 24'/20'
25 Body Rows
10 Cals Air Bike
50 Alt DB Snatch 30lb/20lb
30 V-Sit-ups
150 Singles