Thursday 7.24.2014

VDP Collage


Who: Velocity Distance Project Downtown

What: INOV-8 Shoes and Apparel Sale 15% – 40% OFF!!!

When: Monday 4PM – 8PM

Where: At our new downtown Columbia store inside Carolina CrossFit, 1825 Laurel Street, Columbia

Let all your friends know about this. We will have a raffles for free shoes, apparel and accessories (no purchase necessary).

You do not need to be a member of Carolina CrossFit to shop at our store; we are open to the public.

Wednesday 7.23.2014


We hope Rich Froning, Jr. wins the 2014 CrossFit games not only because he is an undoubtedly gifted and incredibly hard-working athlete, but more importantly because he is a selfless and generous athlete who thinks of others above himself and lives out his faith in Christ, both on the field in front of thousands of fans and quietly every day in his personal life. To us, that is the sort of person who deserves to win the 2014 games; someone who is humble and will give the glory back to God who gave him the gifts and talents to compete.
We first met Rich a couple of years ago. After communicating with Rich’s wife, Hillary, about Miles’ TBI and miraculous recovery, they graciously invited us to come up to Cookeville and spend sometime in their gym and with them. Despite their busy schedules, they gave up some of their personal time, to allow us to have a fun weekend forgetting about rehab appointments and trying to get back to a new normal after a TBI. Miles loved getting to hang out and work out with Rich and Kelly Starret, and I (Anna) was extremely grateful that after months of a roller coaster ride with various surgeries, and rehab appointments, Miles was able to spend time with someone who he looked up to not only as an athlete but more importantly someone who evidently has a love for Christ.
Rich and Hillary Froning are two of the most sincere people I have ever met. I know they both will go on and do great things outside of the CrossFit scene. We wish Rich the best and know the Lord will bless both of them for displaying the love of Christ every day.

A. Barbell Push Jerk @ 1.0.X.3-5 reps, rest 2:30 min x4
B.1 RDL @, 5 reps; rest :30
B.2 RFSS @ 10 reps/ea leg, rest 2:30 x 4
7 min Accumilative FLR
(every time you break perform 7 Burpees)
A. emom – 16mins
odd – PS TnG x 5
even – 10 HR pushups
B. emom – 14mins
odd – 10 kbs 2pds,1.5pds#
even – 1 MU + 5 ring dips
C. emom – 12mins
odd – AD 10sec 97% effort
even – back extension x 10

Tuesday 7.22.2014




Member Appreciation: Stephanie Barber

Give us a little background about yourself. 
How did you hear about CCF?

I used to run when I was in college, ran a couple half-marathons and I wanted to get faster and stronger but didn’t really have any experience in weight lifting to really do any good on my own. And I had heard of CrossFit before – I saw a picture of some girl running up a hill with a sandbag (it might have been raining, too…I don’t remember) and thought, I want to do that! I want to run up a hill with a sandbag in the rain! So I did some more research and found out about CrossFit but the cost was a little out of my price range at that point. Then I heard someone at my church mention CCF so I decided to try it out for a month and see how it went. And here I am.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I was born and grew up in Japan. My parents were working with the church there so all three of us kids lived there from the time we were born until we left for college. We did come back to the States about every four years but I still consider Japan home since I spent my childhood there. Fun fact, the first time I remember coming to the U.S. was when I was seven. And for those that are wondering, no, I am not ethnically Japanese (in case you missed the blonde hair and blue eyes clue).

Also, (bonus not-so-well-known-fact) I am an aunt!! The adorable little guy in the picture is my nephew. What a cutie!

What music can we find currently playing in your car?

I usually listen to the radio in my car and enjoy most any genre of music, depending on my mood. But put me in my room at home and I’ll probably be dancing to a mix between Bastille, Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, Walk Off the Earth, Imagine Dragons, Black Keys, and Arctic Monkeys. And some Rihanna and Kesha when I really got my groove on (as in when I have to clean).

What current things are you working toward when it comes to your health, training, career or personal life?

Training wise I’m just working on becoming stronger and getting better at my olympic lifts (Barbell Club plug: It’s awesome and you need it in your life).

In my personal life I am working towards moving back overseas sometime in the near future to work. Plans are coming together but they’re still in progress and it’s a lot of work!

Tell us about your most memorable workout from CCF

Like everybody else says, most every CrossFit workout is memorable in it’s own way. However I have yet to have the pleasure of puking or passing out during a workout (although I have definitely felt like it a couple of times). I do remember one time at the old box when we did a partner WOD and the last part was three 200m farmer’s carry and then when everyone had finished with that it was three 200m sprints. The RX weight for the farmer’s carry was a lot heavier than I was used to but I wanted to try it. So by the time I got to the last 200m I was dead last. So last they had already started on the sprints. Together. Without me. I crossed the line with my kettlebells just as my partner was finishing her first sprint so I put down the kettlebells and took off. On my last sprint I was the only one left (again) and when I finished I collapsed on the ground, rolling around on the asphalt, and was pretty sure I was going to die. But I had used every last ounce of anything I had in me and was proud of myself for pushing that hard.

Greatest accomplishment -

Well, I don’t know I’ve really accomplished anything “great” in my life so far. My nephew is a pretty great thing, but I didn’t really have anything to do with that. I did make it through school, though. And I HATED school; sitting still while listening to someone lecture for an hour and a half? Kill me now. So graduating from college was a pretty wonderful accomplishment!

What would you tell someone who is interested in Training with CCF?

Do it! The coaches are incredible, the community is phenomenal, and the workouts are a blast (you know, once it’s over; if you didn’t die). I seriously look forward to it everyday and it is worth all the time, money, and pain you put in. So if you’re not sure about coming, do like I did and just try it out for a month and see how it goes. You’ll be so glad you did.



1 Min singles
1 Min COVP Hold
1 Min bear Crawl
1 min FLR
x 11


For time:
AB 50cals
Row 2k

monday 7.21.2014






The primary purpose for the programming of this group is for developing a strong overall fitness base. Fitness encompasses many different areas including; cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, skill adaptation, and with emphasis on the basic understanding of “how” to train.  Basically you are learning how to perform Fundamental movements safely and correctly.

Remember when I asked last week what are the reasons you choose a fitness program?  Above is the description we use to describe what our “Fitness” Program is.   I could go in to great depths as to why everyone should start here but, you don’t have all day.  So, I will sum it up in to a few principles I have learned of the years in coaching. 

  1. Strength Training for lean body mass, good mobility, and joint protection work trumps everything else.
  2. Fundamental Human Movements are just that Fundamental
  3. These Fundamental movements must be constantly ASSESSED & TESTED.
  4. Always strive for perfection 

I will dig further into these principles over the course of time. Stay tuned!!


A. BS @ 6 reps; rest 3 min; x4
B. DB Bench Press @ 10-12 reps, rest 30 seconds
B. DB Prone Lying Row @, 10 reps, rest 2:30 min; x4
“Ascending Burpee Ladder”
1-1 min,
2-2 min,
3-3 min, …….
A1. Back squat @20X1 60% of 1rm; 2; rest 30sec
A2. Wtd Pull-ups mixed grip; 2-3; rest 1min x 6
B. BB on back reverse lunge; 7-8/leg; x4 ; rest 3mins
3 rounds not for time
15 GHD situps
15 back ext
2 heavy TGU/arm

Saturday 7.19.2014


Leader Board Time:


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats



Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

5 Handstand Push-ups

10 One legged squats, alternating

15 Pull-ups


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Friday 7.18.2014




This is my last week coaching at Carolina CrossFit. As many of you know, I recently graduated from nursing school, and I am moving on to a full-time position with Palmetto Health. The past six years have been a wonderful experience, and it’s going to be difficult letting go of something I’ve cared about for so long.

Most of you got your first CrossFit experience through me, and it’s made me happy to watch you grow into the athletes you are. Whether you’ve gained the ability to be more active with your family or you’ve become a regional competitor, all of you continue to make great strides toward our stated goal of fitness.

I’m still around Columbia, and I’ll come in from time to time to make sure everyone continues to eat exactly like I told you to. I’ll continue to train for my own athletic goals, and I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m looking at some big objectives, and I’m nervous, excited, and just psyched on life right now that I’m going to finally take a shot at some of them in the next year.

If anyone wants to keep in touch, I’m on Facebook. I wish all of you the best, and I’ll miss every one of you.

Brian A 


Brian and Danna are currently Training to take on one of the greatest challenges as a Extreme Alpinist.  It has been climbed 8 times ever, but never by a woman.  We want to see if Danna can be the first!!


A. Straight leg DL @31X1; 8-10 x 3; rest 2 min
B. 3 sets – 2 min amrap
-DB snatch x 1/arm
-DB thruster
-DB push press;
rest 2 min
C. Amrap sit up in 4 min
10 min amrap:
25 DUs
200m run
5 heavy russian KB swing
10 mountain climbers


A. Build to a tough 5 TnG PC in 10mins
B. emom – 14mins
odd – T2B x 6
even – Clean grip DL x 3 your choice perfect form
15, 12, 9
DL 225# 155
box jump 24″/20″ step down
wall ball 20#/14# 10′/9′




7.17.2014 Thursday


dot pic



The driving force behind the “SilverBack”! #TIP  




Open Gym:  10am-6pm


Bike 30 seconds @70%

Bike 30 seconds @80%

Bike 30 seconds @90%

Bike 30 seconds @95%

Bike 30 seconds @100%



Wednesday 7.16.2014

kalipa sled drag

Froning sled push



Benefits of the Sled pulls/pushes, Waiters walks, Farmers carry, and other loaded walks. 

When I program these for clients I’m looking at the longegivty in training and prepping the correct movement patterns for stabilization and motor control for other movements that these clients will see in other workouts. These movements are apart of our daily lives and performing them better is the master plan. They teach us many different things for example.  
Have you ever noticed someone walking, standing or sitting with bad posture? Do you ever look at these things? Well, over the years I find myself looking at these things and in my head think, how would I fix this person?  
How posture walks and loaded carries work:
  1. walking under loads with perfect form and posture creates over longevity of joints.
  2. Walking and carrying loads teaches us how perform while breathing and not elevating our heart rate. ( unless your carrying a large amount of weight). 
  3. your grip becomes better.
  4. you get leaner and at the same time stronger.
  5. you discover the gym isn’t that tough anymore.



A.1 DB Press 12-15 reps @ 1.0.X.2
A.2 Waiters walk 50 ft rest 2 min; x 4
Emom for 12 min:
Odd  8  TnG Deadl-lifts **
Even 20 wtd sit-ups
20 double-unders
5 Strict Pull-ups

**( weight should be light and performed with perfect form) 


A. Hang PS x 1/Hang Squat SN x 1/OHS x 3, rest 2min; 5 sets


Emom – 12mins
odd – 5 Dead Lift TnG @ 55% of 1rm
even – 8-10 Ring dips 
10min AMRAP 
AB 7cals
10 KBS 2pd/1.5
25 DU

Tuesday 7.15.2014



Mibek 4way

You don’t have to sacrifice tenderness and flavor when eating local, pastured beef.  Michael and Becky Worrell, owner/operators of MiBek Farms, have been involved in agriculture since childhood.  Both served on meat judging teams in high school and college.  Michael has a Ph.D from Univ of Nebraska in Animal Science (Cattle Nutrition) with a specialization in Agronomy (Pasture Science).  It was important for him to understand the science behind what made the best nutrition for cattle as well as the science of how to best grow that nutrition for them.  The MiBek Farms cattle program was designed to create highly marbled, flavorful beef by using the best nutrition for cattle’s health and growth.





1 Min Row
1 Min Bear Crawl
1 Min side bridge
1 min FLR
x 10


1 Min AB 
1 Min Row 
1 Min Jump rope 
1 Min Run 
1 min FLR on floor
x 5 

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